Blood and Body

“This do, in remembrance of me”; for some this holy sacrament is quarterly, weekly or as needed ceremony.  Do we take the time to–remember.  Remember the grave sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf, so that we could communicate, live and be a part of God’s kingdom once again; eternally?  No, sadly the sacredness of Holy Communion has been liberalized, watered down and for the most part, become a religious act or right.

God Almighty who is Jesus the Christ created this earth, universe and all the known galaxies, even what we cannot see or begin to imagine.  He loves us, His holy creation, so much that He wanted to restore His image and righteousness unto mankind after Adam and Eve’s sin.  After sin entered human we were unable to call upon Him, talk to Him or do anything for His Great Name, without having an iota of selfish motivation.  Jesus–stepped down from the Holy of Holy’s to bridge this gap between God and man.  A sacrifice must be made.

Perfection was needed to fulfill God’s judgment of death upon all mankind, yet no man is perfect; therefore only a divine One could suffice His command for atonement.  Jesus, being Almighty God and human, made this possible.  His life leads to immeasurable examples of perfection, love, mercy and grace; for us who are strictly human.  Jesus suffered pain and torment like unto no one’s imagination could ever begin to imagine–all for our Saving Grace.  A free gift.

Yes, Grace is free, offered without any stipulations or requirements from man, lest he should find something to brag about in his pursuit of heaven.  Jesus freely suffered Hell on earth: blood dripping from his body as he sweat, beaten numerous times as He mightily walked up to Calvary’s hill, all the while carrying his death tool on his back, as the nails drove deep into his hands, he spoke not a word, as they hung him on a cross, he was yet silent–until.  A man on his side being also hung asked to be remembered–Jesus said, “today you will be with me in paradise”.  Then he spoke again, “Father forgive them, they know not what they are doing”, breathing His last He speaks again, “It is finished”–GRACE!

A man hung for a crime and dying is remembered by Jesus, he did nothing to enter the kingdom, Jesus freely accepted his soul’s plea for salvation.  Those mocking and hanging Jesus truly did not know what they were doing; would you really crucify an Almighty, Omnipotent, All Loving God, if you knew WHO He was?  [Justin speaking: you’d be on your knees shielding your face, trying cover every part of your body and soul, if you KNEW GOD, COULD SEE GOD and were hanging Him]  Sin is great and powerful, but Grace is GREATER and MORE POWERFUL!  Christ communicates with the man who asks to be remembered, also he communicates with Himself–Almighty God.

Communion is communication, a time to remember. Why? Jesus remembered us before He said, “It is finished”.  Communion is not about death alone; nay, it’s about life, for Jesus arose from His death; proving His divinity, power and might.  When we take communion it is very serious, not a religious act; if you are not right with God, not saved by Grace Alone–DO NOT PARTAKE! You have nothing to remember, for Hell awaits those who have yet to surrender to His Grace and your surely facing torment as a follower if you are not right with the Righteous God.

The good news, you can be made right–Jesus LAVISHED, HEAPED, POURED OUT His grace unto all mankind, when He calls your name, remember Him, His sacrifice; surrender unto Him.  Apart from Him you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, everyone falls short of glory of God; thus, sinning.  Only He can make you right, His work is done, we have no work to do, to be made righteous–only confess our sinfulness when He calls our name, submit our self to Him; Heart, Mind and Soul, then we too will be remembered.

“This do, in remembrance of me”



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